Together they have the ability to blend catchy warm guitar melodies, laid-back harmonizing vocals and upbeat drum rhythms, reminiscent of early California surf pop.

Living in Springfield, MO, the band formed after Byrd and Hayden started playing together as teens. Hopkins would later join the band, replacing the original bassist. Isolated in a basement most of the time, the three realized they shared the same passion for music. That passion encouraged them, and still does, to continue their journey as The Captain's Son.

This led the three to re-locate to Long Beach, CA in the summer of 2016. Leaving jobs, girlfriends, and a handful of other responsibilities, TCS became a small fish in a big pond. A few years of constant gigging and non-stop writing gave the boys a good foundation in Southern California but more importantly, this led them to Josh Adams, a guitarist, who had just moved to North Hollywood. Byrd knew Adams from time spent growing up in Georgia when they were younger. Adams started playing with The Captain's Son late 2019.

TCS combines indie surf pop, beautiful layered harmonies and classic garage rock n’ roll. Taking influence from 60’s artists and modern indie groups, the band have succeeded in crafting a unique sound all their own.

​The Captain's Son is: 

Paige Byrd   Jarred Hayden   Will Hopkins   &   Josh Adams

The Captain's Son formed December 2015 

somewhere in Southwest Missouri
(I do believe it was a rather warm winter)

((Actually, the name, The Captain's Son, was thought of in late 2010 when Jarred & Paige

formed the band with the original bassist. Will came along in 2015.))

Just so we're clear.

100% Legal Disclaimer:

We're Captain's Son and we, in fact, did get our name from

Woody Guthrie's Muleskinner Blues. [and Star Trek: Deep Space 9]

Also, true fact, it's because all four of our dad's are captain's. 

The Captain's Son Motto:

​Be kind to yourself, people around you,

& the world as a whole